The DietChef Thing: Day 18.

Hey everyone.

I'm sorry for these slightly gloomy entries but I did warn you there might be days like this. Today has been another day of me feeling terribly ill for most of it, though I forged on through it and got a lot of work done.

This morning, noble husband is awake before me and brings me to life with a kiss, the best way to wake up. AS we go through the morning routine I smell the coffee and decide I really can't bear not having any. Once I am settled in my usual place I reach for my keyboard and google to see how many calories in one cube of white sugar. I find there are 12, well within my allotted allowance, so I have two thirds of a mug of black coffee with a single sugar cube, which I'm not counting as a bad, especially as, for reasons you will learn about later, I don't think I'll be repeating the experiment. Something new for breakfast this morning. DietChef do some things, cookies and muisli bars, for people who need to have breakfast on the go, and they sent me a few of these, so breakfast is a chocolate chip breakfast cookie, it's large, oval and soft.

First bite: hmm. Are my tastes changing or is it really too terribly sweet? It's nice enough, soft, oaty and chewy, but oh, it's too sweet!

Saturday is my busy day, I have a pile of work to do so I get on with it. By late morning I have all my radio work done. I also have a migraine, well, I never was free of it, it's been niggling around for days and days in stages from hovering to horendous. I take a couple of pink elephants. Big, big mistake.

Migraines are horrible for many reasons. They bring pain, vertigo which I've already described, loss of speech, either partial or complete, and one more thing. If I'm very unlucky, nausea and sickness. Sometimes, if I take pain meds to try and make the pain stop, something in the meds will trip the nausea bit of the migraine into starting, even if I've taken all the right precautions, made sure I have food inside me, made sure the dosage is correct, everything. I also think they don't like it if I have too much acid in my stomach. Well, I had coffee this morning and coffee is acidic, so these particular pink elephants, on getting settled into their new home, looked around to see what kind of dickens they could get up to.

When it came time for lunch I didn't want any, but thought it might be better for me to eat than go without. I heated up my mushroom soup, but almost as soon as I'd eaten it I knew it hadn't been sensible. Oh well. I have work to do. Body, you will kindly behave while I get on with it!

I write my script, try to keep myself hydrated and wearily wait for things to improve. They don't. I think I'll just draw a veil over the rest of the day. At about nine, after noble husband has finished his show, he makes me tea, which I gratefully sip, and I venture to nibble my oaties, ginger ones, very yum.

So here I am. It could have been a much worse day, but it could have been a lot better. I'm just praying this horrible thing goes away in time for Thursday, I must be well for then, I really must! Send me your best healing thoughts, or please say a prayer for me, if you'd be so kind. Goodnight everyone.

Food eaten today.

Breakfast: Soft Chocolate Chip Breakfast Cookie, black coffee with one cube of white sugar.

Lunch: Mushroom Soup.

Dinner: Didn't have any.

Snack: Stem Ginger Oat Cookies.

Drinks: Tea, no milk or sugar.

Bad? no.

Are you hungry? no.

Mood? bleh!

Music: Gregory Porter: Water Under Bridges.