The DietChef Thing: Day 11.

Hey everyone.

I have a crushing Migraine, first in quite some time, so this might be a short one. It's been a completely mad day and very busy, but we're back on track, hurray!

The DietChef Thing: Day 10.

Hey everyone.

Yikes what a day! This has been a proper old emotional roller coaster for me, I've been up on the high bit of the see-saw, and all over the in between, right down to the bumpy bottom. Today also saw me falling smack off the wagon for the very first time, but in unusual, and I have to say, extenuating circumstances. So, shall we do this?

The DietChef Thing: Day 9

Hey everyone.

Well, the see-saw didn't quite go down, in fact it's mostly been still up, this has, on the whole, been a very good day, it didn't start giving me the bumps until very late this evening, but then we did have a serious wobble. Oh no, is that silly old bear going to go on about pizza again, I hear you groan? What, at nine in the evening? Well, anything's possible, if unlikely! Now, are you sitting comfortably? Then I'll begin.

The DietChef Thing: Day 8

Hey everyone.

Well, the see-saw is still in operation, only now I don't mind because I'm on the end that's up in the air! Today has been, contrary to all my expectations, an extremely nice day indeed. Let's have some more of those if possible. I have not been without my slight wobbles and temptations, but it's all good.

The DietChef Thing: Day 6

Hey everyone. Well, glad to say I'm doing a lot better than I was this time last night. I don't know that this is going to be a very long one, as today has really been pretty uneventful, but here goes.

The DietChef Thing: Day 5.

Hey. I know people read this, much as it amazes me, so, hope you've had a good day. Today I had my first serious melt down and it made me feel pretty shitty, if you want the truth, not proud of myself at all. No, I haven't given into temptation, but all the same, today was definitely a C minus, could do better.

The DietChef Thing: Day 4.

Have you ever heard the great radio drama serial Earthsearch? There's a bit in that where the two evil computers are brainwashing the four members of the spaceship crew, never mind why for the moment, and they're saying over and over, "You are normal, normal, normal, normal!" That's kind of how today feels. It's stopped being a big new thing now, it has started to become routine, it's started to become normal. That's not to say it's easy.

The DietChef Thing: Day 3

This is the kind of day when slips happen. The "I'm being a good girl, I'm starting the thing that will lead to a new me" glow is fading, something stressful happens, apart from that nothing much is going on, the aching, empty void inside starts getting annoying and you think oh, to hell with this, why am I doing this, I've only got one life for freak's sake! Then the temptation to either slip up or chuck the whole thing gets very strong. Did I give in, this early in the journey? I'm just in the mood to tell you.

The DietChef Thing: Day 2

It's time to get serious. Day two, we've got all the stuff, this time we buckle down and do this thing properly. Lady Willpower is in the driving seat and if L doesn't like it, she'll just have to lump it! Well people, after a shaky start I'm here to tell you it hasn't been half as bad as I was expecting, but this is only my first full day. Let's see what I'm like when I'm halfway through the second week and sick to death of healthy food, just longing for chocolate and pizza! Right, this won't get the baby a new hat, let's get on and do this!


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