Some Thoughts on Customer Treatment and Twitter Clients.

I love Twitter. I depend on it to keep me in touch with my friends, give me news, as I grow more house bound, it is my life line. I admire and am extremely grateful to anyone who develops products which mean that I can access it more easily. I have been using the clients developed by Christopher Toth for many years now.

The DietChef Thing: Day 28.

Hey everyone.

Well this is it: you're finally rid of me! Well, not quite, I do have this one more entry to do, and I expect I'll be back with more posts and updates now and then, and I have Anchor, Youtube, Team-FM, in fact hey, what's that? You're not rid of me at all! But this is the last DietChef every day blog. Today is the 28th day of my DietChef journey.

The DietChef Thing: Day 27.

Hey everyone.

Well, I'm afraid I'll have to keep this short because I'm really tired. My DC food is getting quite low now, it's weird putting my hands into the bags and feeling almost nothing in there. Can't wait for the new, full box to come full of everything I love. Well, it better be, or I am not going to be a very happy Lulu. Today I went up on to the site and changed out some of the breakfast food, it was a cynch. When I think of how hard I found it on day 0, and how panicky I was, I have to smile at myself.

The DietChef Thing: Day 26.

Hey everyone.

I'm early tonight, but I'm tired, so thought I would pop this up now, before I drop asleep on my nose. Gosh it's been a busy day, but once more I've been strictly on the rails again.

The DietChef Thing: Day 22.

Hey everyone.

You might not get much of an entry today, because I've been crazy busy and I'm really tired, but here goes.

The DietChef Thing: Day 21

Hey everyone.

Well wel, three weeks and counting. That is, three weeks since I started this blog, one more week to go of me yattering at you every night. Yes, I think four weeks of daily diatribes is definitely enough. However, twenty-eight days definitely isn't the end of my journey, just the end of the beginning, if I can use that turn of phrase, so I might post the occasional update on here, we'll see how I feel. Anyway, we've had another good day, so let's get to it.

The DietChef Thing: Day 20.

Hey everyone.

My dears! I've been shoppping till I'm dropping! No don't worry, I'm not going to talk your heads off for the next half an hour like the lady in Brief encounter, or hey, perhaps I am, you never know. No, actually, I will try not to. The thing that is consuming my interest at the moment will be of zero interest to most of you and is absolutely nothing to do with my diet journey, so I will try to mention it only periferally.

The DietChef Thing: Day 19

Hey everyone.

Oh the relief when the miasma of illness and gloom lifts and you feel like yourself again! It's like coming out from under a nasty, cold, clammy grey cloud! I've had a much, much better day and I'm really hoping for a good week. I'd better have one, I've got big plans for this week and I've got to be at the top of my form. I also listened to what my body was telling me and things went better for it.

The DietChef Thing: Day 18.

Hey everyone.

I'm sorry for these slightly gloomy entries but I did warn you there might be days like this. Today has been another day of me feeling terribly ill for most of it, though I forged on through it and got a lot of work done.


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