Correspondence with Apple Concerning iTunes 12.4.

Hi to all

You may have noticed if you have upgraded to iTunes version 12.4, the most recent release, that there are accessibility difficulties with a primary component of the application when using screen-readers.

As a result of this, I wrote to to share my concerns. The response I received was to some extent predictable. This is disappointing because Apple have made tremendous strides in the accessibility arena, particularly on the I O S platform.

What's Happened to Bert


I don't know how many times I've heard it said that nothing and no one's indispensible. This is very true indeed, and sometimes it makes it easy for you to make decisions about things which you don't think are particularly important and you think oh, no one will mind, there's much better stuff out there, it'll soon be all forgotten. And then months, even years go by and you're still being asked when you're going to bring the thing people are missing back. This has, of course, happened to me, which is why I'm writing this.

You've Got to feel the Music! A Brief Review of the Sonos Play1.


Santa was very good to me this Christmas! He brought me not one, but two Sonos Play1 devices. I'd heard about players from Sonos through internet radio and friends on Twitter who have them, and I was keen to try them, so I was very lucky to get two this year to evaluate the experience. Thanks very much Lulu!

My Grown-up Christmas Card List

I'd be the first to admit that I'm lousy at Christmas cards, even the perfectly doable ECard variety. I used to love the whole rigmarole and send dozens and dozens, I don't know when or why the magic faded.

Retired Chocolate Bars, Some Old Friends Remembered.

Hi everyone.

I've just been listening to food writer and Chef Nigel Slater reading his book Eating for England to me via Audible while I ate my dinner, as I do most days. It's a lovely book that celebrates the delights and dreadfulnesses, the oddities and the O M Gs of British eating. Best of all it's a book that is wonderful for reading and re-reading, dipping in and out of, always finding something new to learn, to remember or to chortle over, to let your thoughts meander on while you munch on a chicken leg or tuck into a dish of pasta.

Keith Michell - An Imperfect Portrait

If you grew up in the UK around the late seventies or early eighties you'll have heard it. That playfully gung-ho, pseudo-military introduction, then that voice. A round, fruity, beautifully elocuted voice with a slight raspy edge to it. and what did it say? All together now:

"The bravest animals in the land are captain Beaky and his band, that's Timid Toad, Wreckless Rat, Artful Owl and Batty Bat. They march the woodland singing songs that tell how they have righted wrongs!"

Our Constant Narators

I've seen lots of tweets today, mourning the death of a favourite NLS narator, Roy Avers. I've noticed how the Bard community seems to set much more store by their narators than RNIB Talking books do, though we all have our own favourites.

My Thoughts on Jewel Shuping, The Woman Who Blinded Herself.

Hi everyone.

It's been maybe two days since I first became aware of a story which erupted on to my Twitter timeline, caused a tidal wave of condemnation, then debate, and seems to have divided opinions like the red sea.

Spot the difference. A User's Perspective of Apple Music and Spotify.

One of the talking points on Twitter this week has undoubtedly been the launch of Apple Music. This is a streaming service which allows you to hear songs of your choosing, together with finding new music to listen to and the introduction of a dedicated radio platform hosted by DJ's in America and the UK.

Why We Are Leaving the World of the Mac.

Hi everyone.

This is going to be quite a lengthy blog post, and also I know a slightly contentious one, but I wanted to chronicle my experience of my journey into the world of using an Apple Mac. It has been one of initial excitement and anticipation, but which soon turned to annoyance and frustration. Do stay with me as I get this out of my system and write it all down.


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