The DietChef Thing: Day 22.

Hey everyone.

You might not get much of an entry today, because I've been crazy busy and I'm really tired, but here goes.

I wake up feeling well and also excited. One day closer to Thursday, still on good form, hurray! Karen takes me through the morning routine and sorts out food for today and tomorrow. I canceled my care for tomorrow and noble husband will get me up. I am going to have to be up, breakfasted and ready for ten AM and I really can't have an unknown quantity like a relief carer involved tomorrow. If she rolled up at 9:25 like last week it would be catastrophic. More importantly, having someone I don't know getting me up always makes me anxious, however much I try to get through it, and I really do not want that tomorrow, I want it to be as happy a day as it possibly can be.

There's glutin free oaty fruity Muisli for breakfast. Karen mixes it with my yogurt and hands me the bowl. I dig in my spoon, or try to. It's thick, stiff and claggy. Oh dear, this does not look promising.

"Smeagol doesn't like the look of that! No, precious, we doesn't, precious!"

"You're not alone. Still, it's all the breakfast we've got."

First bite: ugh, yuk! That couldn't even be called birdfood! It's sticky, gluey, sticks to the teeth and the roof of my mouth, it's absolutely tasteless. No way am I eating a whole bowlful of that! I can't open another breakfast instead, it would leave me without breakfast for another day. So I have to slip and have toast.

Oh, the joy of having toast again! It seems like forever since I bit into the loveley warm crust and felt my teeth sink into the doughy steaminess inside. I have the merest, thinnest scrape of butter on it. Another thing I miss, real butter salty fresh and cold from the fridge. It's a bad, I think my first real, true bad since I started three weeks ago. Ok, I really couldn't have eaten that muisli, not for anything, I literally couldn't get it down, but I guess I could have skipped breakfast or opened something else. I chose this. Even though it's breakfast, I have to be honest with myself, it's a bad.

The morning proceeds. I'm still crazy busy. Lunch time comes, I'm not hungry. I skip it. I suppose I shouldn't do this, but why eat if I'm not hungry, it's silly.

Slightly more leisurely afternoon, I'm nice and hungry by dinner time and it's chicken curry tonight with another 60g of the rice I cooked last night. This actually smells good.

First bite: Well, that's my DC can't do oriental dishes theory straight out the window. This is good. The sauce is nice and thick, the spice is a bit better than many I've had, there's some nice coconut flavor here, the chicken is tender. Only thing, I could have done without the chunks of potato. I don't like potato in curry very much. But the best curry I've had, definitely.

By about seven O'clock I can feel myself getting overtired. I try to avoid napping in the evening, it messes up my sleep schedule, but this time there's no avoiding it. I wake up at 9:30 for a welcome cup of tea and a packet of salt and pepper potato and soy snacks, I do love that flavor, I think they're my favorite of all the crisps.

And that's my day. Tomorrow I'm going to be away for a lot of the day and preoccupied for a lot of the rest of it. I hope I won't be too tired to do a blog entry, but if I miss it, I appologise in advance. Goodnight everyone.

Food eaten today.

Breakfast: two slices of white toast, very thin scrape of butter. (oops).

Lunch: Skipped it.

Dinner: Chicken Curry, 60g rice.

Snack: Salt and Pepper Potato and Soy Snacks.
Bad? yes, see breakfast.
Are you hungry? no.
Mood? Tired but happy.
Music: Yvan Jacques: Alfie.