The DietChef Thing: Day 25.

Hey everyone.

Yes, here I am back again, sorry for my two day absence. I was hoping not to have to miss any days, but it really proved impossible to blog these past two days, not only because I have been very preoccupied with something totally unrelated to my journey, but what with having a friend to visit and being a way a greater part of Thursday, it has been impossible to stay as close to my diet as I've wanted to. Yes, bads have occured in the shape of two small pizzas, one on each successive night and, and, baddest of all, two turtles, consumed while having girl talk and a Harry Potter movie with my friend. I mean come on, you can't have girl talk and a movie without chocolate, it isn't humanly possible! I was actually lucky to get off so lightly. L and Whining Winnie wanted to break out the MilkieBar, but Lady Willpower wouldn't hear of it. I am, you will be pleased to hear, back on track today and have been a model of propriety all day.

I wake up feeling much refreshed after about eleven hours' sleep. I've been so exhausted, I was in bed before eight last night. Noble husband gets me up and takes me through the morning routine. Something new for breakfast, I'm running out of cereal, so a Muisli bar with chocolate.

First bite: this is very sweet and sticky, I can taste the chocolate in the sticky syrup that holds it together. There are oats and seeds. I don't really like it at first, but it grows on me. Yes, I can go for this, and think seriously about getting some for the weekends when Karen's not hear to do the yogurt for me, as I find standing up and fiddling with the measuring cups a bit difficult. I must make my final decisions tomorrow, as I must get my ordering done by Monday.

I have a very very busy morning. The muisli bar does not fill me up like cereal and yogurt does, but then my two days of being naughty has likely unshrunk my stomach. That'll teach me! By the time it's lunchtime I absolutely do want my soup! Sweet potato and coconut, one of my favourite flavors. It's delicious and has quite a hard kick too, very good on a cool day like today.

The afternoon is slightly more chilled. I suffer the odd hunger pang or two, but I'm not tempted to do anything about it. There's something new for dinner, Chicken Thai Red Curry. I get my measure of cooked rice out of the fridge into a deep bowl, heat up the little tray, get the rice hot and bowl up.

First bite: oh dear! This isn't bad, but it's an insipid imitation of what real Thai curry should be like, not the creaminess, that part's ok, but they've stinted on the spice again, and I really don't know why they do this. Surely spice doesn't add calories, and if people didn't want spicy things they wouldn't order them!

Well, after a lovely relaxy evening, I'm chomping on my stem ginger oaties and drinking a lovely hot cup of tea as I write this. It's been a great day and I'm back on the rails again, so we'll mark this one as a plus. Goodnight everyone.

Food eaten today.

Breakfast: Muisli Bar with Chocolate.

Lunch: Sweet Potato with Coconut Soup.

Dinner: Chicken Thai Red Curry, 60g Rice.

Snack: Stem Ginger Oaties.

Drinks: Tea, no milk or sugar.

Bad? no.

Are you hungry? no.

Mood? good.

Music: Beauty and the Beast 2017 original Soundtrack: Adam Mitchell, Stanley Tucci, Ewan McGregor, Gugu Mbatha-Raw, Ian McKellen, Emma Thompson, Emma Watson, Audra McDonald & Clive Rowe: Days in the Sun.