The DietChef Thing: Day 26.

Hey everyone.

I'm early tonight, but I'm tired, so thought I would pop this up now, before I drop asleep on my nose. Gosh it's been a busy day, but once more I've been strictly on the rails again.

My eyes pop open at six-thirty AM. I growl at them ferociously to close themselves again pronto, but they are having none of it! Really, it comes to something when your own eyes won't listen to you! Noble husband, bless him, has already been up a couple of hours and is deep in audio editing land, but leaves what he is doing to come and get me up. We go through the morning routine, I sort out food and get breakfast, pink apple and cinnamon granola today. This stuff is growing on me. I think I'll swap it out for some of the chocolate ones.

After breakfast we get down to serious video making. I have to do some running and bouncing about. I'm so into my role of a six year old child that I don't even remember my bones! They're remembering me now though all right. They hate my guts! Oh well, so what else is new! We get the speech all recorded and I leave noble husband to his editing while I slope off and do a bit of podcast recording of my own, then slope back again to edit and upload it.

I'm so engrossed in what I'm doing that, even though I'm marginally peckish at one O'clock, I opt to ignore it. You know, it's nice to have a hot lunch sometimes, but I reckon I'd eat the lunch thing more if I could have a thing like the Graze snacks to nibble on, something appetizing, not one of those protein or muisli bars that feel like I'm eating a raffia place mat! I mean, if Graze can do a snack for 150 calories, why can't DietChef give us some options like that, not those revolting powdered milk shakes, I'd never order those things, who's got time, and they never come out right unless you blend them, and who's going to dirty a blender in the middle of the day, for freak's sake!

Well, the afternoon goes on, we get the video finished, I upload it, then we get on with other things we need to do. By dinner time I'm starving and I'm very glad there's something deliciously yummers to eat. I dont' want more curry tonight, I'm fed up with it. Lasagna, yummers! I cook some more greens, heat up the box of delights and plate up. I enjoy every bite. That's better. Apart from anything else those curries never were filling enough.

Tomorrow is the last full day before my new box is sent out on Tuesday. I'm worried in case I get incorrect items in my new box. I've heard bad stories. I honestly hope I get everything I'm meant to, and nothing I'm not meant to. If it all comes correctly, I should be really well set for the next four weeks, evrything I love and nothing I don't like.

Now I will shortly be eating my snack, horrible oat bar, yukky, but it's all I have left, and I'm not prepared to go without my snack, that's asking for trouble! My word, people, just think! You only have two more nights of me to endure! Think on that and sleep well. Goodnight everyone.

Food eaten today.

Breakfast: Pink Apple and Cinnamon Granola. Plain, no fat yogurt.

Lunch: skipped it.

Dinner: Lasagna, serving of sliced spring greens.

Snack: Oat Bar, don't know which kind, either with chocolate or strawberry apple.

Bad? No.

Are you hungry? no.

Mood? Ok.

Music: Kate Rusby: Awkward Annie.