The DietChef Thing: Day 27.

Hey everyone.

Well, I'm afraid I'll have to keep this short because I'm really tired. My DC food is getting quite low now, it's weird putting my hands into the bags and feeling almost nothing in there. Can't wait for the new, full box to come full of everything I love. Well, it better be, or I am not going to be a very happy Lulu. Today I went up on to the site and changed out some of the breakfast food, it was a cynch. When I think of how hard I found it on day 0, and how panicky I was, I have to smile at myself.

Morning, I open my eyes and have that Monday, can't I go back to sleep, feeling. I get up, with Karen's help, and go through the morning routine. Karen says she can still see the weight dropping off. She says it's more noticeable after a weekend. I can feel it on my tummy now, I couldn't before, but now I know my spare tyre's getting less bulky. The last granola for breakfast, pink apple and cinnamon, I really am getting to like this, I need to make sure I have some for next month.

The morning proceeds, I do some work, update my podcast and change out that breakfast food. No soup left but chunky vegetable, which I hate, and those pot noodle things, urg, don't feel hungry enough to brave one of those. I skip it.

The afternoon is a busy one. The five O'clock hole opens up inside me, very very big and very deep. The time until the witching hour of six O'clock passes in a slow crawl. Still there's macaroni cheese for supper, and lovely fresh crunchy greens. I devour it, savouring every bite, every drop of sauce, listening to my dear friend make kale chips on her podcast and thanking heaven I'm eating something more substantial, though they do sound good.

The evening passes by in a blur of social media activity. I eat my snack, the last packet of oaties, this time with fruit and spice. I don't expect to like them, but I do, they're yummy. You can really taste the spice and the fruit is chewy and moist. I think, I don't know, but I think that will be my last new thing to tell you about.

I have one more entry before I leave you. Not forever, but for now. I'll see you tomorrow for the last time in this series. Goodnight everyone.

Food eaten today.

Breakfast: Pink Apple Cinnamon Granola, plain no fat yogurt.

Lunch: skipped it.

Dinner: Macaroni Cheese, sliced spring greens.

Snack: Oaties with fruit and spice.

Drinks: tea, no milk or sugar.

Bad? No.

Are you hungry? no.

Mood: good.

Music: Harry Connick Jr: Forever, For Now.