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Naturally Musical: Siesta.

It is the afternoon of a breathless, still day. The sky is a dazzling blue and the sea is the same colour. Down here by the water's edge the beach is deserted, nothing is moving on the white sand from horizon to horizon. Even the little waves can only lap lazily against the shaw in soft siesta.

Lulu's Kitchen: Luscious Ambrosia Salad.

This combination of canned pineapple and mandarin segments, cherries from a jar, combined with fresh mango and slithered coconut steeped in Malibu liqueur all mixed with crumbled meringues in a creamy sauce might aptly be called food for the Gods!

I had been longing to try making this delicious dessert but had been put off by huge quantities in recipes I had seen and the use of cool whip, a product not available in the UK. After much research and a little tweaking here and there, this is my version.

Naturally Musical: Heed No Nightly Noises.

It is evening in the rainforest and a gentle rain is pattering on big leaves. A soft chorus of crickets and treefrogs give a backdrop to a beautiful solo piano melody. The night creatures are busy but we need not heed them. All is safe.

Naturally Musical: New Beginnings.

Here in this verdant woodland day has just broken. the leaves are dew dappled, everything looks fresh and new. a tumult of birds say hello to the new day and a beautiful melody of flutes, harp and strings gives a hopeful vibe.

Naturally Musical: Starlight, Star Bright.

An evocation of a peaceful summer night. Here beside the water it's business as usual for night creatures while overhead, beautiful, eternal and oblivious, shine a thousand friendly stars.

Naturally Musical: Rain on the Blossoms.

This tranquil piano piece has a gentle sadness to it as well as so much beauty. It made me think of the time when I was in an orchard and a heavy shower of rain fell, drenching the new apple blossoms, filling the air with the wonderful smell of rain and delicate flowers.

Naturally Musical: A Happy Place

I seem to have known this tune composed by Andre Louis forever. It says lots of things to me, sunshine, relaxation, being in a good place. Now I can show you some of the things I think of when I hear this and also that music with nature sounds doesn't have to be all about new age and ambient!

Preview of Liquid Harmony

A demo of the nature sound Liquid Harmony. This, together with many other nature soundscapes, is available free in high quality MP3 format, from

DollChat: Dinnertime for Reborn Baby Brooke.

Little Brooke, being the size of a nine-month-old, is old enough to eat solid babyfood. This I purchased for her, all the way from the US, from a lady who makes fake food for films and broadway shows as well as to sell in her Etsy shop. It looks so incredibly real that it fools the unwary! I have great fun feeding my little live wire as you shall hear.

DollChat: Introducing Reborn toddler Brooke.

I had been waiting eight and a half months. Finally the day arrived. A reborn, hand-made to my specifications, the size of a nine-month-old girl was waiting for her first cuddle. Listen to our first meeting.


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