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The DietChef Thing: Day 16.

Hey everyone.

I'm afraid this is going to be a short one, as I'm feeling pretty awful, but I didn't want to miss a day.

I am woken this morning by Noble Husband, who tells me it's nearly nine and no relief carer. This shouldn't surprise me. It's Karen's day off and the good, reliable Becky has gone on to pastures new. All the same it's a bad start and the flashes behind my eyes say that things will get worse.

The DietChef Thing: Day 15.

Hey everyone.

Today has been very good on the whole, only marred by really nasty bone pain, mostly in my legs, but we carried on regardless, or as regardless as we could.

The DietChef Thing: Day 14.

Hey everyone.

Well, here we are at the halfway point of my first 28 days. Today I had to fall off the wagon again, but as I didn't go over my calorie intake in doing so, I don't think it can count as a slip, it just meant I had to eat a meal not on the DietChef plan. I also made some real progress with DietChef's website, which I have found tricky.

The DietChef Thing: Day 13

Hey everyone.

I have had a Migraine all day, varying from medium to absolutely horendous, but in spite of that I'm feeling light-hearted and undaunted. This room smells of toasty caramel, I'm feeling satisfied and just full enough inside and with the glow of achievement adding to my comfort. You might call this a good day.

The DietChef Thing: Day 12

Hey everyone.

I'm writing this a bit earlier than usual because I have a crushing Migraine, in fact it's the one I had yesterday, I'm really tired and I'm dying to curl up in bed. Luckily I have a snack I can take in with me so it's all good. Today has been another crazy busy one, but it's also seen me stay on the tracks and mentally recovering from yesterday's battering, so we can call it encouraging, if not really good.

The DietChef Thing: Day 11.

Hey everyone.

I have a crushing Migraine, first in quite some time, so this might be a short one. It's been a completely mad day and very busy, but we're back on track, hurray!

The DietChef Thing: Day 10.

Hey everyone.

Yikes what a day! This has been a proper old emotional roller coaster for me, I've been up on the high bit of the see-saw, and all over the in between, right down to the bumpy bottom. Today also saw me falling smack off the wagon for the very first time, but in unusual, and I have to say, extenuating circumstances. So, shall we do this?

The DietChef Thing: Day 9

Hey everyone.

Well, the see-saw didn't quite go down, in fact it's mostly been still up, this has, on the whole, been a very good day, it didn't start giving me the bumps until very late this evening, but then we did have a serious wobble. Oh no, is that silly old bear going to go on about pizza again, I hear you groan? What, at nine in the evening? Well, anything's possible, if unlikely! Now, are you sitting comfortably? Then I'll begin.

The DietChef Thing: Day 8

Hey everyone.

Well, the see-saw is still in operation, only now I don't mind because I'm on the end that's up in the air! Today has been, contrary to all my expectations, an extremely nice day indeed. Let's have some more of those if possible. I have not been without my slight wobbles and temptations, but it's all good.


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