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Our Constant Narators

I've seen lots of tweets today, mourning the death of a favourite NLS narator, Roy Avers. I've noticed how the Bard community seems to set much more store by their narators than RNIB Talking books do, though we all have our own favourites.

My Thoughts on Jewel Shuping, The Woman Who Blinded Herself.

Hi everyone.

It's been maybe two days since I first became aware of a story which erupted on to my Twitter timeline, caused a tidal wave of condemnation, then debate, and seems to have divided opinions like the red sea.

Call Now! Musings on the Info-Mercial.

I wonder how many of us have done it. I know I have. we've sat there in front of the screen when we were going to move on, we've listened to the annoyingly hyped up voice, we've watched, those of us who can, the oh so enticing gadget that we're suddenly sure is just the thing needed to make life perfect being used with absolute ease, and we believe it when we're told that either "It's so much fun!" or: "Clean up is a breeze!". Then we listen to the blandishments, the offers, the slashing of the price, the bonuses we'll get if we only call now!

DollChat: Toby Wants Lunch to Go!

Teeny Tiny Toby Jug, the reborn leprechaun baby, has to take the prize for cutest baby in all the gang of six, even when he is having a moment and demanding lunch now if not sooner!

DollChat: Brooke Goes On a Picnic.

The depths of winter might not seem the right time for a picnic, but reborn toddler Brooke had a Leapfrog Picnic Basket for Christmas and for her, any time is the right time to spread the blanket, unpack the plates and get down to some serious picnic playtime fun!

DollChat: Introducing Reborn Baby Melody Joy

Here we meet my second Christmas baby and a regular little Princess she is too. Melody Joy is full of beauty, charm and character. She was a gift from an extremely kind friend. The unboxing was recorded mostly for my generous benefactor. I have been graciously allowed to include it here on the condition that my friend's name is withheld to preserve privacy, hence the glaringly obvious edits.

DollChat: Introducing Reborn Baby Toby.

I was doubly blessed at Christmas 2014. I received two reborns, one from my husband and one from an extremely kind and generous friend. Here we meet the first of them, the leprechaun baby Tobirian, Toby for short.

DollChat: Brooke, The Worm and Mr Jingles.

Reborn toddler Brooke is really beginning to settle and find her way around. In the first of a couple of posts with toys, she meets a particularly repellent Fisher Price apple. Her reaction is priceless!

DollChat: Introducing Posy the Reborn Pug.

Pets are not allowed in this apartment but, as we have already seen, reborn chimp Ozzie has taken up residence and now he is joined by a cute reborn pug dog.

Naturally Musical: Taking Wing.

It's a beautiful sunny morning in spring. Leaves are unfurling, buds are showing, birds are singing as they soar high up in the blue sky. It's the kind of day when everything and everyone seems glad to be alive, when the heart finds new hope and the spirit takes wing.


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