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DollChat: Feeding Ozzie the Reborn Chimp.

Having a real live chimp around the house wouldn't be anyone's idea of a good time! But, as you can hear, Ozzie, my reborn chimp, can be a right little handful too, although a few grapes or a banana and he's anybody's!

DollChat: Reborn Baby Cassie's New Puppy Pal.

Meet Cassie the baby leprechaun. She got a purple leapfrog Puppy Pal for Christmas and it even knows her name. The puppy wants to be friends, but Cassie's not sure!

DollChat: Reborn Baby Ben and his New Toys.

Baby Ben is settling in and getting to grips, or not, with his new toys.

DollChat: Introducing Reborn Baby Ben.

Here you will find, as well as my new, some of my older Doll Chats which I saved in as good quality audio as I could. Here it is Christmas 2013 and I am about to meet a very special present, reborn baby ben.

Peacefully Flowing

In this latest track from the Naturally Musical project the sound of this gentle brook combines with a soothing and beautiful piano melody to make your troubles flow far away.

For Gladness

The first track from my new Naturally Musical project. a pearing of royalty free music with nature sounds. These are free downloads for you to enjoy.


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